Dental Implant Prices

Low Cost Dental Treatments in the UK

Perfect Profiles have been offering low cost dentistry and dental implants to patients from all over the UK for more than 20 years.

Our two clinics offer easy motorway access covering most of the UK within a 2 hour drive, and are based in Wolverhampton, West Midlands and Houghton Regis (Next to Luton), Bedfordshire.

Dental Implant Options

The prospective plan outlines below are a guideline only. They are not menu items that each and every person needs or are required to have.  These are reflective of some of the most common elements involved in Dental Implant treatments and demonstrate the approximate total costs. Any Treatment Plan is bespoke for the individual involved and their situation.  Personalised exact treatment options can only be given from attending a consultation.  The crown/bridge type can affect the total cost and your dentist can help you explain which type may be better suited for your situation.

Single Toothapprox. £1,485
2 Separate Teeth Packageapprox. £2,960
3 Separate Teeth Packageapprox. £4,200
3 Teeth Bridgeapprox. £3,325
Implant retained Denture for the Lower Arch using 2 x Implants £3,639
4 Teeth Bridgeapprox. £3,690
Full Implant Bridgeapprox. £11,970
Implant Bar Retained DentureFrom £5,999
Perfect On 4£8,495

Please note that all treatment plans and associated costs are from prescription by your dentist and additional elements of restorative treatments such as bone grafting or sinus lifts, are not included above. There may also be treatment requirements/suggestions not included on this guide.

Perfect Profiles are proud to offer a Perfect Price Promise – This acts as a price-match service on the main treatments we perform. The Promise means that our patients can rest assured that they are getting the best price available on their treatment or we’ll match the clinic that has quoted lower!

The prices below are a guide & sample of our treatments and prices for your information. There may be some differences and changing in above costs due to differences in treatment complexity or general price increase. Following your free consultation and examination, a full treatment plan detailing the costs will be given. This costing will be held for two weeks from your consultation and then guaranteed once deposit has been paid (this does not apply to any mid treatment changes)

Prices in GBP

Treatment Price in GBP
Initial Consultation Free
2nd/+ Consultation (only needed if visited clinic before without having any treatment completed) £120
Examination/Dental Implant Review £40
Panoramic X-ray £60/£150 package
Small X-ray £30/£65 package
CT Scan £120
Scale & Polish £55
Periodontal Treatment From £125
Planning Package (inc. Study models, Wax-ups, Surgical guides, etc.) From £85/£200/£330
Implant £680
Abutment (Cement/Zirconium/Screw-retained/Custom) £195
Locators (for dentures, per implant) £220
Block Graft £1,400
Bone Grafting £600
Sinus Lift including Membrane £700
Additional Membrane £250
Additional 0.5g Bone £350
Aftercare Medication £20
Pre-surgery Prophylactic Clean & Post-surgery Maintain and Clean £110 (£55 per session)
Temporary Crown Unit £200
Adhesive Bridge (Maryland / Rochette) per Unit £375
Porcelain Bonded to Metal Crown £365
Zirconium Crown £465
Porcelain Bonded to Metal Bridge per Unit £365
Zirconium Bridge per Unit £465
1 to 2 tooth Temporary Denture £275
3/+ tooth Temporary Denture £375
Acrylic Denture £670
Cobalt Chrome Denture £780
Implant Denture On Advice
General Treatment
Extraction (Simple) £60
Extraction (Complex) £115
White Small Filling £70
White Medium Filling £90
White Large Filling £120
Composite Inlay or Onlay/Ceramic Inlay or Onlay £300/£350
Root Canal Treatment From £200 – £750
Nightguard (Soft/Hard) £100/£150
Cosmetic Treatments
Porcelain Veneer £465
Zoom In-Chair Whitening £449
Boutique Home Whitening £249

Payments are made at time of treatment and can be paid in cash or with most major international credit and debit cards.


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