Low Cost Dental Implants with Easy Payments

  • 0% finance *
  • Interest free for up to 2 years
  • Treatments over £3000
  • 9.9% APR for low cost treatments

Is the cost of treatment simply too high for you to consider?

To help make your dentistry more affordable, we are able to offer finance at attractive low interest rates, with easy monthly payments. One major way we are able to help is to offer patients receiving larger cost treatment plans interest free finance from 6 months to 2 years. Any patient requiring treatment totalling more than £3000 is offered the chance to take advantage of this offer.
If you find the interest free repayments are too high, you can take advantage of the low 9.9% APR for up to 5 years.

For lower cost treatment plans we’re happy to offer a low interest finance arrangement at just 9.9% APR. These terms are available for up to 5 years so can really help treatment become affordable.

Frequently asked questions

  • What happens next?

    You will need a free consultation to establish a firm figure to base your finance on. A treatment coordinator will discuss all finance options, including deposit amount, term, APR and monthly repayments. There are two ways to apply for the credit, the first is to complete a finance form given by the treatment coordinator (useful for people who have trouble accessing the internet/computer) or to apply online directly with Dental Finance. You will have an outcome within the same day and need to sign credit agreements.

  • Who can benefit from 0% finance?

    Anyone who has a treatment plan value of £3,000 or above. For any treatment value below £3,000 but over £1,000 the APR will be 9.9%.

  • How much can I borrow?

    Up to £30,000.

  • How many years can I borrow over?

    The maximum term for any finance is 60 months (5 years). The maximum term for 0% finance is 24 months.

  • Can I repay my finance early?

    Yes, the finance can be paid earlier without any extra charges. If you would like to make an overpayment the whole term will be shortened but will maintain the same monthly repayment amount.

  • Can I choose my direct debit payment date?

    You will be able to change your direct debit date after the first one has gone out. You will need to call Hitachi directly and change this.

  • What are the terms & conditions?

    A finance application is a credit check based on the information provided. There must be a minimum annual income of £12,000. The applicant must be working at least 16 hours per week (unless retired or house person, they will still need to state their annual income). Must have been a UK resident for at least 12 months. Be over the age of 18 years old. Upon an application being successful there will be a mandatory cooling off period of 14 days where we cannot start treatment.

Perfect Price Promises

This acts as a price-match service on the main treatments we perform. The Promise means that our patients’ can rest assured that they are getting the best price available on their treatment or we’ll match the clinic that has quoted lower!

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* this is available on treatment totalling over £3000 only, with a rate of 9.9% APR available for treatment totals below this amount.


Spread the cost of your treatment with 0% finance over 2 years*

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0% Finance Available
  • 0% interest*
  • Interest free over 1 to 2 years
  • Treatments over £3,000
  • 9.9% APR for low cost treatments

Whether you have booked your treatment already or not, speak to one of our friendly advisors about finance.

* This is available on treatment totalling over £3,000 only, with a rate of 9.9% APT available for treamtnet totals below this amount.