Look & feel great this Christmas with a facial rejuvenation

Christmas is coming, and your calendar is no doubt rapidly filling up with the many obligatory personal and professional annual gatherings including the company Christmas dinner, family gatherings, get togethers with friends and many more. Whilst such events are the highlight of the year for many people, if you feel that your age is starting to show and you are no longer happy with your appearance you may well be feeling far from festive. Luckily, with our facial rejuvenation treatment we can help you to appear younger by softening and smoothening wrinkles  – so that you can be that smiling, confident you of Christmas past.

Which wrinkles make you look older?

Research shows that there are three main areas of the face which individuals complain make them look more aged than they are – forehead wrinkles, frown lines and crow’s feet. Wrinkles naturally form in these areas as we age, as a result of our skin becoming thinner, drier and less elastic. Unfortunately, some people experience wrinkles sooner than others as a result of facial expressions, lifestyle choices and other factors. The result can be that people look more aged than they really are, which can cause dissatisfaction in their appearance and undermine their confidence.

How can facial rejuvenation help?

Facial rejuvenation works by using injections to target wrinkles in those key areas that have been found to cause the appearance of aging. As a result of the injections, wrinkles that already exist in the target areas will be smoothed and softened. The procedure can also be used to prevent the formation of these wrinkles to help you look younger for longer.

How much does it cost?

If you ever thought that rejuvenation treatments were reserved exclusively for the rich and famous, think again. Here at Perfect Profiles, our facial treatments start from just £199, which we believe you will agree is a tiny price to pay to roll back the years and leave you looking and feeling great.

What our expert Dr. Aryan Gharakhani says:

Dr. Aryan Gharakhani | Facial Rejuvenation Expert

“I’ve trained and qualified to be able to safely perform the Facial Rejuvenation treatment and patients should always check that they are using a trained practitioner – using suitable products.  The injections, which are almost painless, can lead to real significant improvement in not only appearance, but confidence and contentment.  Everyone has a consultation for free before any treatment so if someone is unsure, they are able to visit us and have a chat about the treatment before paying a penny or making any commitment!”

Don’t delay – book today

To book your facial rejuvenation treatment and look forward to being a happier, younger looking you this Christmas, call us now on Wolverhampton 01902 500823, Luton 01582 518100 or click here to contact us online.

Please note that before beginning a course of facial rejuvenation treatment, it is essential that a pre-treatment consultation is conducted to ensure that we can assess your needs properly and ensure that the treatment is suitable for you