Dental Implants Abroad: The Truth About Low Cost Implants

Woman rushing with suitcase at airport

If you have missing teeth, dental implants seem like the perfect solution. But, with average prices in the UK starting around £1,500, the lure of cheap implants has seen many Brits travelling overseas for treatment. So much so that you might imagine dental implants abroad always cost less. But in reality, can you get the same low prices on this side of the pond?

Dental implants abroad

Dental tourism is growing. In the past, cosmetic dentistry was only an option for the rich and famous. But now, with low dental prices in Europe, a celebrity smile is now within reach of the average person. For example, dental implants in Hungary or Poland can cost around £400 – a third less than UK dental prices.

Hidden costs of implants abroad

Having dental implants isn’t a one-off procedure. You might need to go back to see your dentist 2 or 3 times over a few months before you walk away with your new teeth. So, on top of the low cost of the implant, you’ll pay extra money for:

  • Flights
  • Hotels
  • Time off work

And, once your treatment is over, what about aftercare? Take good care of your implants, and they can last a lifetime. But the crown attached to the implant will wear and need replacement in 3 to 10 years time. Most UK dentists will not treat work carried out by another dentist. Especially if you have treatment outside the UK, because procedures and materials used can be vastly different. So you’ll have to travel back to the same clinic or dentist overseas.

Low cost implants in the UK

At Perfect Profiles, we used to send our patients to Hungary and Poland for treatment. The excellent standard of dental care, along with the low costs, meant it was the most cost-effective option for people looking to save money on UK dental prices.

But then we realised – instead of sending patients to dentists overseas, why not bring the dentists to our clinics in the UK? The advantages were obvious: the same low cost, high quality implants. But without the expense and inconvenience of travelling abroad.


So, if you’re looking for implants in the UK at overseas prices, contact us to book your free consultation.