Celebrate Mother’s Day with a Smile

This year Mother’s Day, or Mothering Sunday as it is more formally known, is celebrated on Sunday 26th March. It is the day of the year that we set aside especially to celebrate and honour everything it means to be a mother. Whether you’re a full-time mum with little ones to keep you on your toes, a proud mother of grown-up children or even Grandma to the next generation, we believe that you deserve to be pampered – and what better way to pamper yourself than treating yourself to a shiny white smile to share with your family?

What’s in a Smile?

A lovely, genuine smile is one of the most memorable things a person can share with us. When it comes to our mothers, smiles bring about feelings of warmth, affection, happiness and reassurance. Whilst these feelings never fade, it is inevitable that over the years the brightness of your teeth will fade, as a natural result of the things we eat and drink as well as other lifestyle factors. Luckily, with professional tooth cleaning these effects are reversible.

Why tooth whitening?

Evidence shows that people who are happy with the appearance of their teeth are happier and more confident themselves, and also perceived by others as being the same. Restoring the natural beauty of your smile with professional tooth cleaning can also make you look and feel younger. And if your children are going to be sharing their Mother’s Day pictures online for the world to see, you certainly want your smile to be at its best! 

It is worth noting, however, that whilst there are many DIY tooth cleaning kits available on the high street, these rarely give the desired results and can leave you feeling frustrated. That’s why we recommend investing in professional tooth whitening.

The Latest Techniques

At Perfect Profiles, we are excited to be able to announce the launch of the very latest, next generation tooth whitening treatment – our fantastic new in-chair tooth whitening system.

Traditional whitening processes require an initial visit to the dentist to have a special tray measured, followed by up to a week of having to wear you gel-filled tray overnight. Whilst excellent results are usually achieved, the process is time consuming and relies on you precisely following the instructions provided by your dentist.

That has all changed with our in-chair tooth whitening, which allows you to have your teeth whitened in just one session – meaning you can simply come to the dentist and leave an hour later with a shiny new smile.

Whether you are planning to invest in yourself this Mother’s Day or are looking for a special way to treat your mother, why not book an in-chair tooth whitening session with Perfect Profiles? With our ideally located clinics in both Wolverhampton and Luton, your brand new smile is now just a few hours away. To learn more and book your appointment now, call us on Luton 01582 518100, Wolverhampton 01902 500823. Alternatively, click here to contact us online for a quick response.