A Famous Face at Perfect Profiles

He’s topped the charts, camped in the I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here jungle and been involved in various TV projects over recent years.

But now ex-Dollar star and eighties heart-throb David Van Day has become the new face of Perfect Profiles.

“I was pleased to learn that David was coming in for treatment with us.

Having a well-known face visit and use us means that the company is heading in the right direction.

It’s not every day we hear from celebrities but maybe now we will be hearing from a few more!

It became clear to us very quickly though that whilst he may be a celebrity, David is just like many of our other patients.

As far as his teeth were concerned, past years had caught up with him, whether it be from indulging in too much champagne during the height of his pop career or munching through too many bugs and grubs in the jungle.

But he wasn’t willing nor did he want these problems to get the better of his appearance or quality of life so he turned to us for help before it was too late.

Many of our patients are a similar age to David so will be able to empathise with his actions.

Whilst David was thrashing out top ten hits in the 80s many of our other patients were also enjoying their very own heydays.

But fast forward thirty years or so and David is a true believer that growing old no longer has to equate to losing your looks, not being able to eat what you want or feeling past your best.

And that’s why Perfect Profiles and David Van Day is the perfect fit.

For many there becomes a time when they no longer want to suffer pain or have teeth that don’t function properly and that’s where our team of dental surgeons can help patients take positive action to restore the use of their teeth and help bring back their healthy smile and appearance.

I for one am really proud of the fact we have been able to help David and hundreds more patients like him.

In addition, our prices mean that everyone can receive the same VIP (Very Important Patient!) treatment as David right here in the UK.

I and the rest of the Perfect Profiles team are thrilled that David has become our ambassador for dental treatment.

The appearance of teeth is vital for giving that great first impression.

David’s appearances may be higher profile than for most of us, but that feeling of knowing you look well and healthy, subconsciously relayed via your teeth and oral health, is one that resonates with anybody – whether it be for when you’re playing with the grand children, going into an important meeting at work or simply strolling down the high street.

No-one likes to feel below their best and Perfect Profiles are able to help with affordable prices and high quality treatment, giving confidence back to patients.”

By Mike Silford, director of Perfect Profiles

For more information on Perfect Profiles or to book a free consultation at Houghton Regis clinic contact 01582 518100 or Wolverhampton contact 01902 500 823.